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Forklift Drum Rotator – FDT-1 Series


Forklift Drum Rotator – FDT-1 Series


Forklift Drum Rotator – FDT-1 Series

Performance of FDT-1 Series Forklift Drum Rotator

  • Designed for easily lift, transport, raise and tilt loaded drums.
  • Converts forklift truck into a drum handler.
  • The 10 feet pull-chain loop allows control from the driver′s seat.
  • It has 30:1 ratio.

Easily transport and rotate 55 gallon steel drums using a fork truck. Each unit is provided with a 10-foot-long chain to allow the drum to be rotated up to 360° from the fork truck operator’s seat. Fork pockets measure 7⅝”W x 2⅝”H usable. Safety restraint is used to secure unit to fork truck.

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