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Our Rental Equipment

Our Rental Equipments

Discover the unique rental equipment offer from AVERTEC Rental. Here you will find material handling equipment, electric pallet truck, electric stacker, diesel forklift, lithium forklift, electric forklift, reach truck and electric tow truck. Find out now and make an inquiry.

When to Use Warehouse Forklift Rental

Warehouse Forklift and pallet jacks are both used for lifting, loading, and moving products around warehouses and construction sites. However, forklifts are larger. They can lift materials to higher places, and they can carry heavier loads. They’re often used to move heavy objects on farms and during residential renovations. Storing materials on high shelves creates more floor space for forklifts and workers.

Before you decide when to use warehouse forklifts or choose which models you should use, do some research. Consider the size of your work area and the product you’re moving. If your warehouse has lots of close-knit aisles and tight corners, you’ll need a smaller unit. You may need to use a pallet jack instead of a forklift in some areas. If you’re working in a larger, more open area where space isn’t an issue, you can use a bigger forklift to move more product at once.

Make sure you have enough room for storage, maintenance, and refueling or recharging if you decide to buy a forklift. If you rent, you won’t need space for these tasks and you can save money.

Electric Forklift

Electric Forklift are often used indoors because they’re usually quieter than other models. They’re also smaller and more agile, and they require less maintenance. They don’t emit carbon monoxide or other dangerous gasses like carbon monoxide. Because of this fact, you can use them indoors without adding additional ventilation. However, other types of forklifts can carry bigger loads. You’ll also need a charging station or a place for charging your electric forklifts. Some models require separate charging stations that can cost thousands of dollars. Many business owners use electric forklifts in retail spaces as well as warehouses.

Diesel and Gasoline Forklift

Diesel and Gasoline Forklift are best for outdoor use, heavy loads, and rough terrain. They’re also used in large warehouses to carry heavy merchandise. Workers can use the same gas or diesel forklift on multiple shifts. Refilling a fuel tank or changing a fuel cell is much faster than recharging an electric vehicle. Some models take 8 hours to charge fully, but you can refill an internal combustion forklift in less than 10 minutes. However, noise, fumes, and maintenance costs are higher with internal combustion models. For that reason, electric forklifts work better in small warehouses and storage facilities.

Pallet jacks don’t have to be refueled or recharged. They can also be stored in smaller spaces than forklifts. However, they aren’t able to handle as many types and sizes of objects. Four-wheel, three-wheel, and reach forklifts are also available.

Reach Truck

Reach Truck are forklifts used in narrow aisle applications, such as warehouses. They are designed to have two outer legs that help distribute the load, and a single set of wheels in the back. The wheels are located below the operator, which help create a tighter turn radius. This allows operators to navigate smaller spaces, and still be able to reach higher racking.

Making your aisles taller and narrower is a good way to create more space when your warehouse becomes cramped, but it can also make navigation and material handling difficult. The Toyota Reach Truck is an asset to any warehouse fleet – it allows operators to easily navigate in and out of narrow aisles and reach significant heights, all while maintaining lifting capacity. The Toyota Reach Truck allows for unmatched confidence in the most challenging warehouse environment.

Electric Pallet Truck

The Electric Pallet Truck comes equipped with an electric motor so the operator can easily transport pallets within job sites. Primarily used in warehouse and industrial settings, the electric pallet truck is the most rudimentary form of a forklift. Its sturdy pallet forks are great for maneuvering palletized materials, and it has the advantage of lifting and transporting its haul with a powered motor. Since it negates the need to manually transport or lift heavy materials, the electric pallet truck is essential for construction teams and industrial applications.

  • Pallet forks for transporting heavy materials

  • Easy maneuvering

  • Raises, lowers, and transports pallets

Electric Stacker

The Electric Stacker is designed to lift, load, and stack pallets or pallet-shaped units. The standard walkie stacker negates the need to manually lift or carry heavy materials across work sites. It’s essential for warehouse settings, factory storage, distribution centers, or other indoor worksites. Due to its small frame, the walkie stacker is designed for areas with limited space. It has a smaller turning radius than a forklift, and can easily navigate storage room aisles or congested warehouses.

  • Quiet and easy to handle

  • Lifts and stacks heavy materials

  • Great for tight work areas

Frequently Asked Questions

Visit our website to rent internal combustion or electric forklift. Avertec has many branches locations in the Malaysia, so it’s easy to find the equipment you need near you. Delivery and pickup are available for a small fee, and maintenance is free whenever you need it. Avertec can also help you make sure that your employees can operate forklifts.

Avertec offers rentals from a day to a month long. One day is the same as one 8-hour shift over a 24-hour period. One week is five 8-hour shifts over seven days. A month is 20 8-hour shifts over 28 days.

Only solid-tire forklifts are available that can lift from 1,500 to 5,000 kg.

A warehouse forklift rental is much more flexible than buying the equipment. You can get the tools you need in just a day or two instead of spending weeks to research the best purchase. Renting won’t impact your company’s credit rating as much as a buying an expensive item like a forklift. Also, you won’t have to pay for storage while you’re not using the equipment.

When you rent a forklift, you won’t have to pay for maintenance, insurance, or most repairs. You also won’t lose money when your equipment depreciates.

If your job site is in Avertec’s local delivery range, you’ll only need to pay a flat delivery fee. However, you would need to pay an extra mileage fee if your job site is outside that range. Typically, the delivery range is about 30km from the nearest Avertec’s location.

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