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Walkie Electric Stacker 1.5 Ton; Lifting 1.6m – 3.5m

MODEL: WES1516 | WES1520 | WES1525 | WES1530 | WES1535

Walkie Electric Stacker – WES15 Series


WES15 Series is a Walkie Electric Stacker with load capacity of 1500kg, single stage mast lifting height of 1600mm; dual stage mast lifting height up to 3500mm, compact design with overall width of 795mm which is allowed for smaller turning radius. It is ideal for operating in confined spaces. It equipped with maintenance-free battery with short charging time.

  • WES15 series is a walkie electric stacker for short-distance transportation and stacking application with 1500kg capacity and 3500mm maximum lifting height. Its compact and light design is suitable for application in a variety of occasions to meet different requirement from customers. 
  • Four wheels supporting design at the driving end to ensure the stability and safe to operate when the truck is used for high position stacking.
  • The multi-functional electronic control system improve the stability of the truck and easy to operate/ maintain.  
  • Smart battery indicator with automatic lock off of lifting features when the battery level is too low. 
  • High efficiency DC drive wheels with great power and electromagnetic brake system to improve the safety performance of the truck. 
  • High-power quality hydraulic pump ensure shortens the lifting time and maximized work efficiency. Additionally, it will automatically slow down the speed when it is heavy loaded in order to ensure safe operation.
  • Built-in charger (24V/10A) with a variety of plug options for customer from different countries. 
  • Large-capacity maintenance-free batteries with strong power and good stability.
  • Quality design with practical and good storage space.
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