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Lithium Electric Pallet Truck – 1.5 – 2.0 Ton


Lithium Electric Pallet Truck – CBD15J-Li2/ CBD20J-Li2 Series


Performance of CBD15J-Li2/ CBD20J-Li2 Lithium Electric Pallet Truck

  • The truck is simple and dexterous, with small turning radius and small weight.
  • It is suitable for ultra-narrow channel operation.
  • The truck has compact and reliable structure.
  • The oil pipeline and line are wrapped in the truck body which is safe and beautiful and convenient for user maintenance.
  • The truck adopts integrated handle design integrating key switch and electric meter which is simple and comfortable for operation.
  • Hand-held lithium battery makes battery changing easier and more convenient.
  • Standard configuration of emergency stop switch and emergency reverse device ensure truck safety.
  • The truck is assembled with power-off braking function.
  • The truck is braked as soon as the handle is loosened or pressed to the bottom.
  • Electromagnetic braking and motor braking are used to ensure the safety of driving.
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