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Three Wheel Electric Forklift 1.25-1.5 ton (Rear Drive) – G Series


G series 1.25-1.5t Three Wheel Electric Forklift trucks (rear drive) are environmentally friendly products with independent intellectual property rights. Because of compact structure, small size, small turning radius and good maneuvering performance, they are suitable for the production workshop, warehouse, distribution center and printing, tobacco, pharmaceutical industries in all kinds of small indoor space.


An extremely maneuverable range of forklift truck designed to work in the tightest of interior space. They also have the benefit of being able to be used externally as they are fitted with close coupled twin rear wheels.

● Compacted structure, flexible operation, comfortable operation feeling, etc.
● Smaller wheelbase, turning radius suitable for narrow space.
● Less cost

● Short wheelbase, narrow body size, small turning;

● Front wet-brake axle, reliability and free maintenance;

● 24V AC controlling system and CAN BUS communication, self-protection, high safety and reliability;

● The AC lifting and driving motors, free maintenance;

● Rear handle with horn button ensures safe and comfortable operation while reverse driving;

● Ratchet type handbrake, more safety;

● Standard configuration of LED lamps saves more energy.

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