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HELI Gasoline Forklift 4.0-5.0 ton – H Series


H series 4.0-5.0t Gasoline Forklift truck is widely used for packed goods loading, unloading and handling in factory, warehouse, station, dock, port and so on. The truck can also be used for bulk goods and unpacked good loading, unloading and handing after assembled with other attachments.


Performance of H Series Gasoline Forklift

  • With suspension damping striation on overhead guard and optimized design for the transmission, the whole truck’s vibration reduced a lot and relieve driver’s fatigue greatly.
  • Equipped with optimize designed parts around the engine, noise nearby ear and the truck sound level are reduced greatly.
  • With the optimized cooling system and great cooling performance, highly improved the reliability and durability of the transmission and engine.
  • With more power and low emission engine, stronger loading capacity gradeability; With load sensing hydraulic system, quicker lifting speed, higher working efficiency.
  • Strengthen and Optimize core structure parts, strength improved greatly; with intelligent gear shifting technology to avoid 2nd-gear start, improved transmission life.
  • Intelligent gear shifting system, ease of operation Standard half surrounded seat, safety and comfort.
  • Wider internal space, more reasonable parts layout and 800hood opening angle make maintenance easy.
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