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Steerable & Fixed Skates 6 – 24Ton – TRS & TRF Series

MODEL:  TRF06 | TRF08 | TRF12 | TRF15 | TRF18 | TRF24 | TRS06 | TRS08 | TRS12 | TRS15 | TRS18 | TRS24

Steerable & Fixed Skates – TRS & TRF Series






The TRS & TRF Series Steerable & Fixed Skates are used to move heavy objects or machinery. The load can be lifted using either the roller crowbar or jack, allowing the skates to be easily positioned. Steerable & fixed skates are maintenance free and fitted with handles for ease of carrying and positioning. The skate platforms are fitted with a rubber mate which provides stability and protect the object when it is moved.

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