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Walkie Electric Pallet Truck – WPT15 Series


Electric Pallet Truck – EPT15 Series



WPT15 Series Walkie Electric Pallet Truck with 1,500kg capacity, is dedicated to the medium labour intensity condition design of DC electric pallet truck, is the earliest model in Geolift which stands 10 years testing of the market, with very stable quality. Equipped with Self-Made DC drive system, 200A Curtis controller. 70AH maintenance free battery and build in charger makes the use and maintenance very convenient.

Performance of WPT15 Series Walkie Electric Pallet Truck

  • The WPT Series Walkie Electric Pallet Truck Ergonomic handle with:
  1.  throttle with infinite forward and reverse speeds
  2.  lift/ lower controls
  3.  belly reverse safety button
  4.  horn
  5.  electromagnetic disk brake with automatic dead-man feature when handle is released.
  • Maintenance free battery.
  • On-board charger.
  • Side support rollers provide excellent stability.
  • It is suitable for medium frequency application.
  • Conforms to EN 1726 and EN 1175-1.
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