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Electric Stacker 1.2 Ton; Lifting 2.0 – 4.0m

MODEL:  ES1220 | ES1225 | ES1230 | ES1233 | ES1236 | ES1240

Electric Stacker – ES12 Series


Electric Stacker ES12 Series is a comfortable and high secure fork-over electric stacker, capacity 1,200kg and a maximum lifting height of 4 meters. Standard equipped with 210Ah lead-acid battery. A driver platform or safety supports are available as optional extras. If you are looking for equipment to loading-unloading, or ordinary pallet stacking such as light duty working condition, the ES12Series is the best choice.

Operator handle

Ergonomically designed handle for operator comfort and ease of use. Variable speeds available allowing the operator to increase or decrease speeds to suit each varying.  

  • lift/lower controls
  • belly reverse safety button
  • horn
  • electromagnetic disk brake with automatic dead-man feature when handle is released.


Multi-function instrument

It includes the hour meter, and battery discharge indicator (BDI) to inform the operator to recharge the battery in time. 

Electric power steering system (EPS) 

Indirect power assisted steering system which is not connected directly to the drive wheel. This allows for a more direct and precise steering that is lighter than conventional designs. 

AC drive motor and Curtis AC controller

High performance AC drive motor together with a Curtis AC controller maximizes power output. 

Sealed stabilizer wheel

Special design sealed stabilizer wheel not only eliminates the fiber material intertwined, but also ensure the stability during driving and steering, effectively reduces the sway and side turn over. 

Automatic Drive wheel traction compensation system

Central pressure boost cylinder linked with the hydraulic system, the cylinder pressure is increased accordingly as the load increasing, it add more pressure to the driving wheel to ensure the best traction on the ground, this design solves the problem in the industry that the driving wheel is easy skid with full load.

Limit Switch

Limit switch mounted on top of mast to precisely set the maximum lifting height, avoid any risk of lifting motor overload. 

Mast Structure

Robust and rigid mast configuration optimize stackers lifting stability and safety. 

Easy change battery side extraction

The battery can be pulled out from side makes the battery changing is convenient and quickly.

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