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Electric Stacker 1.6 – 2.0 Ton; Lifting 1.4 – 5.8m

MODEL:  ES1620 | ES1625 | ES1630 | ES1633 | ES1636 | ES1640 | ES1637-FFL | ES1639-FFL | ES1642-FFL | ES1645-FFL | ES1647-FFL | ES1650-FFL | ES1653-FFL | ES1655-FFL | ES1658-FFL | ES20 SERIES

Electric Stacker – ES16 & ES20 Series


The ES16 & ES20 series Electric Stacker are comfortable with triplex mast and maximum lifting height up to 5.8m. Lifting capacity 1600kg, equipped with Geolift-Made EPS, AC drive system and floating system. Standard equipped with 280Ah lead-acid sideway battery. If you are looking for products for heavy duty loading-unloading, heavy duty pallet stacking, loading-unloading in container truck, or high-racking pallet stacking. The ES16-T series will be your best choice.

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