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Heli Electric Forklift 6.0-7.0 ton – H Series


HELI H Series Electric Forklift truck belongs to large truck category and it is suitable for goods handling and stacking in mechanical manufacturing factories ,such as large die mode, engine, reducer, ships, wind power, large industrial machinery, automobile, aviation and so on, wound working factory, paper mill, glass-works, airport logistics center can also be applied.


Performance of G Series Heli Electric Forklift

● Goods decline in power generation
The innovative design Mast rise and fall ends automatically slow down, to reduce the impact and improve comfort   
● Mast rise and fall ends automatically slowdown
Has goods decline in power generation, to be able to maximize the recovery of energy of the system, extended battery life, and reduce the battery capacity.        
● A reliable mast
The high internal-qualified mast confirmedly ensures the safety of the operator, truck and cargo. Standard configuration of the wide-view mast enlarges operators’ view effectively , and ensures loading/unloading operations more reliable        
● A reliable hydraulic system
HELI has the most professional R&D base of cylinders, where we take advantage of the advanced manufacturing technologies and detecting means to ensure the reliability of all cylinders of the hydraulic system.        
● Traveling turn automatic speed limit function
Traveling turn automatic speed limited, making vehicles safer.        
● Electronic control layout is simple, elegant, and easy maintenance
The truck equipped with more intelligence functions not only ensures the safety performance, but also improves the efficiency and reduces energy consumption

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