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Heli Electric Forklift 8.5-10.0 ton – G Series


HELI G Series 8.5-10.0 ton Electric Forklift trucks belongs to large truck category and it is suitable for goods handling and stacking in mechanical manufacturing factories, such as large die mode, engine, reducer, ships, wind power, large industrial machinery, automobile, aviation and so on, wound working factory, paper mill, glass-works, airport logistics center can also be applied.


Performance of G Series Heli Electric Forklift

● Modern appearance and excellent vision

The vehicle adopts a new streamlined design, the appearance becomes smoother and more beautiful, super-low height of balance weight offers the driver with an excellent rear vision field.

● High stability

By optimizing the quality distribution of the whole vehicle, the load capacity of mast is better than diesel trucks with the same tonnage.

The machine comes with larger tires for increased traction on muddy and uneven terrain.

The counterweight has been lowered for excellent stability and heavy loading capability of mast ass’y.

● High efficiency and comfortability

The design of compacted frameworks makes the vehicle much more flexible while moving freely even in a small space.

Full hydraulic synchronous steering system and automatic parking function ensure quick and trouble-free daily operation.

Equipped with full suspension seat ass’y the driver felt more comfortable and the use of silent gear pump reduces the noise a lot.

● Convenient maintenance

The two groups of batteries are arranged from both sides, which is easily to be replaced directly from each side.

The frameworks bring charging interface and the whole trucks can be charged at the same time for both batteries.  

Come with automatic water-in system and maintenance-free wet braking as standard installment.

The reversal of cooling fan removes dust and it is free of maintenance.

● Active safety

The circulating cooling system based on multi-point temperature intelligent control makes the temperature of each component at the best point.

Installment of OPS system and intelligent speed-limiter enhanced the general security.

Active braking and implementing the parking brake after parking when the truck is out of order. If fails, it can decelerate the speed to park and stop actively.

● Energy-saving

Energy-saving type hydraulic system.

Power recovery has priority, piecewise superimposed electric-hydraulic braking.

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