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Electric Order Picker – EOP Series

MODEL:  EOP2027 | EOP2033 | EOP2040 | EOP2045





Electric Order Picker – EOP Series

EOP Series Electric Order Picker is designed for picking light and small items such as spare parts, carton boxes and other. The EOP is answer to all your warehouse needs. It come with a fully electric platform for the operator and goods for efficient performance. Lifting and lowering is done simply and easily at the push of a button from the remote pad inside the operator cabin. Moving the machine around is done by pushing it manually. 

Performance of Electric Order Picker

  • Equipped with integrated charger with built in battery charge indicator.
  • Complete with leveling indicator and outriggers. 
  • Emergency down and stop buttons.
  • Access platforms are ideal for maintenance work.
  • Conforms to EN280 standards.
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