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Forklift Maintenance Platform – FMP Series

MODEL:  FMP300-A | FMP300-B





Forklift Maintenance Platform – FMP Series

Convenient Forklift Maintenance Platform quickly and safely transports maintenance personnel where they are needed. Attaches to forklift truck by inserting forks into fork pockets and securing platform to forklift truck. Tine lock must be engaged to secure platform to forks. 

Performance of FMP Series Forklift Maintenance Platform

  • For overhead access and maintenance works with safety.
  • Safety entry spring loaded inward opening door with safety latch.
  • Unit is secure to the fork with heel pins and chain.
  • Slip-resistant floor with drainage holes.
  • Conform to Health and safety Guidance note PM28 and GN48 standard.
  • Less storage space, portable and easy to assemble.
  • Wheel fitted for easy maneuvering.
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