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Electric Stacker 1.2 Ton – ES12 Series

MODEL: ES1220 | ES1225 | ES1230 | ES1233 | ES1236 | ES1240

Electric Stacker – ES12 Series




The ES12 Series Electric Stacker is a comfortable and high secure fork-over light duty electric stacker, capacity 1200kg, maximum lifting height 4m, equipped with Geolift-Made EPS and AC drive system. Standard equipped with 210Ah lead-acid battery. If you are looking for equipment to loading-unloading, or ordinary pallet stacking such as light duty working condition, the ES12 Series is the best choice.



Configuration and Performance

  • Electronic power steering system, light and low noise.
  • Two-way magnetic valve, three drop speed mode.
  • Drive unit floating bodies with patent design.
  • AC Driving system, no carbon brush, maintenance free.
  • USA CURTIS driving controller.
  • Electromagnetic, regenerative braking system.
  • Automatic lifting motor, proximity switch, long life.


  • Curve automatic deceleration devices, safer.
  • Vehicle decelerates automatically at higher position.
  • Stepless speed control system, safe and quiet.
  • Controller with multiple automatic protection.
  • Emergency reversing device/ Emergency brake switch.
  • High position automatic reduction device.
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