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Low Profile Pallet Truck


Low Profile Pallet Truck – AC-Low Profile Series

This special Low Profile Pallet Truck is designed to operate with low clearance pallets or skids. Features 65mm, 51mm or super low 35mm lowered fork height for extra low profile skids, pallets or machinery.
Performance of AC-Low Profile Pallet Truck
  • 65mm, 51mm or super low 35mm lowered fork height.
  • Ergonomic cushioned handle with 3 function trigger for raise, lower and neutral operation.
  • Highest quality pump with special lowering valves and an Anti-Overload System.
  • Optimised hydraulic system design for lifting heavy loads with minimum effort.
  • Totally sealed pump unit with galvanized housing (impervious against air, water or dirt) incorporating an overload release valve.
  • Solid & robust one – piece “C” section forks for greater strength and durability.
  • Fully adjustable push rods to aid level running.
  • Fork tip roller system for smooth transition in and out of pallets
  • The chromed bearing bushes and joints ensure quiet running properties and particularly long service life.
  • Customized configurations and designs can be considered on request.
  • Conforms to EN 1757-2 Standards.

Service Simplicity

Geolift builds long-term value into all of its trucks as well as the HP Series hand pallet trucks. Excellent galvanised whole casting hydraulic pump system and valve cartridge design minimizes contamination and testing to over one million cycles to ensures a long life. Self-lubricating bushings able to reduce the maintenance cost. 

  • Easily replaceable pump valve cartridge
  • Snap rings to connect push rods to lift linkage assembly
  • Bolt and lock nuts used for steer axle mounting


1. Option of single and tandem fork rollers.

2. Additional entry and exit fork rollers guarantees maximum stability and safety for transporting goods on slopes.
3. Ergonomically designed handle with comfortable rubber grip allows optimized safety as well as comfort.
Three position operational handle control lever for lifting, transporting and lowering purposes.
  • Lower Position—to lower load, pull up the control lever.
  • Neutral Position—to place control lever in this position during pulling the truck or load.
  • Lift Position—to raise load, push down the control lever, pump handle to raise the load.
4. Excellent galvanized whole casting hydraulic pump, robust and durable, with fine control of lowering speed and overload valve, low routine maintenance.
5. Optional black powder-coated one-piece intergrated pump.

6. Option of different coating material for both steering wheel and fork rollers.

Polyurethane—ideal for delicate floors with hard wearing and non-marking property, quiet and durable.
Nylon—low drag efforts, high resistance to chemicals, non-marking, preferred in food, fishing and chemical industries with smooth level floors.
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