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Weighing Scale Pallet Truck


Weighing Scale Pallet Truck – AC-WS & AC-WSP Series

This AC-Weight Scale Series Hand Pallet Truck allows you to weigh your load on the spot for maximum efficiency.  The built in scale allows you to weigh your load as your handling it.  The scale is selectable in a variety of increments to adjust to the size of your load.  The digital filtering is to help compensate for vibration and motion to make the scale pallet truck, a smooth and accurate.


Performance of AC-Weighing Scale Series Pallet Truck

  • Capacity 2000kgs in 1kg steps
  • Tolerance with +/- 1kg
  • High accuracy with maximum error 0.1% of scale capacity even with floor condition that are not optimal or when a load is placed out of centre, the accuracy remains high
  • Multiple Weigh Total function which adds up several separately weighed loads, totals them and display the results together with the number of loads weighed.
  • Low power usage enables 4200 weighing actions to be made in automatic sleep mode.
  • High contrast display can be read at any angle and even at ambient light conditions.
  • Sensitive Touch panel with push buttons with metal dome, tactile feel gives optimal users interface.
  • Big function keys that “click” when pressed makes work easier for the user especially while wearing gloves.
  • All electronic components are designed for mobile use and thus have no connectors or components that can shake loose from shocks or vibration leading to a long product life and low lost of ownership.
  • Conforms to CE (Europe) and FCC (USA) standards.
  • Optional printer is energy efficient and resistant to vibrations and shocks.
  • Conforms to EN 1757-2 Standards.
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